Greek Island Cafe, Fashion Show Mall

Greek Island Cafe, Fashion Show Mall
3200 Las Vegas BlVd.
Las Vegas, NeVada 89109

Cruising around The Strip, a sharp hunger pang hit me as I was walking by the Wynn. Looking up at the great space ship in the sky, the food court at the Fashion Show Mall called me -- "Come up to the mothership, we're on the 3rd floor. Bwahahahaha."

Entranced by the promised Wall Of Food, I oVerlooked the options --
Hot Dog On A Stick, Sbarro, Basin Street Cajun Cafe. Then I saw it like a beacon of light -- the Greek Island Cafe. The counter was eVen staffed by a grecian temptress.

Unable to stop my feet from walking oVer, I ordered the greek salad and the
aVgolemono (lemon/chicken/rice soup).

The salad was quite underwhelming. Somewhat limp lettuce, not too many toppings -- at least there were zero beets. Whew. But I was able to sweet-talk the temptress into adding on a couple dolmades (stuffed grape leaVes), which were aboVe-aVerage.

The soup, on the other hand, was the best I'Ve had this side of Detroit's world-class Greektown. Best
aVgolemono in the U.S. is at Cypress TaVerna in Detroit.

The unassuming
aVgolemono in this food court was a surprisingly good rendition. The broth was lemony, but not a bright and fresh lemon flaVor -- more like cooking-all-day-so-only-the-essense-is-left lemony. (It could also be that the soup was fiVe days old). There were good amounts of chicken and not too much rice.

Final Comment:
Cheapest food in the Vicinity, best option in the food court, get the soup.

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