Panevino (doesn't deserVe capitalized Vee)
246 Via Antonio
Las Vegas, NeVada 89119

Friends were in town. We're all budget-minded people. How simple should it be to find a great sandwich shop with good views and waiter service?

Well keep on driVing past this oVerblown wasteland of a restaurant. Actually, since the airport is across the street, catch a ride to NYC instead.

Let me set this up for you:
The VVV: "Do you haVe waiter serVice, or just a walk-up deli counter?"
Lying sack of *%&$ operator: "We haVe sit-down service, yes."
VVV: "Can I order sandwiches at the table."
LSOSO: "Sanwiches are aVailable."
VVV: "Are they the same price as I see on your Web site -- around $7.50 each?"
LSOSO: "Yes."

So then we all head over there and sit down at a perfect table, oVerlooking The Strip. White tablecloths, quite an upscale atmosphere. Restaurant was empty. The only things we were taking a table from were the yellow-bellied rat bastard employees who might haVe wanted to sit down to rest for a second before running off to screw over some other unlucky wenches. As you can see, the people running the place weren't fit to manage a dog-food eatery in Dubuque, Iowa.

Factual chain of eVents:
1) Menu comes with entree prices near $20, no sandwiches listed.
2) Ask waiter for list of sandwiches.
3) Brings printed off list that a cashier would use to mark off indiVidual's orders.
4) Waiter: "Sandwich prices are double here at the restaurant."
5) Calmly explain the phone conversation.
6) Haughty Manager comes over, eyes us over, sees us as overwhelmed suckers.
7) Explain phone conversation again, saying that this is a bait-and-switch operation. He explains that the chef said that portions are different "etcetera," so prices are double. Said he'll check w/the chef again.
7b) During this argument, bus-boys continue to re-fill waters, bring bread, pour oil/vinegar. Ridiculous.
8) At this point, Panevino experience is worse than a used car dealership experience ("Let me check w/my manager to see if I can take this deal).
9) Repeats aboVe line.
10) Takes three requests to finally get the check for the $2 Cokes and iced teas.
11) Manager says things like "won't you still stay and haVe lunch with us?"
12) After final "no," don't even get the drinks comped.
13) As we're walking out, manager offers his hand and tells me to call him personally the next time we come if we need anything at all. Gee, some $7.50 sandwiches at the table MIGHT BE NICE.

Easy solution #1 -- we get restaurant sandwich platter at same price.
Easy solution #2 -- manager runs to the deli side (run as separate business) w/our money and brings it to us.
Easy solution #3 -- at the very least, apologize for the unqualified phone operator's mis-information and comp the Cokes.

We then walked to the deli and got a fantastic deal -- $8.50 for any salad on their menu (incl. seafood salad with mussels/calamari/tons of shrimp/octopus) and 1/2 sandwich and cup of soup. That's "WOW"!

As for Panevino?

Final Comment:
Hope you get aVian flu instead of a window-front seat here.

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At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really made a huge deal out of practically nothing! When it became obvious to you that the deli was not as you'd expected, why did you stay? Was it just to make people miserable or was it about getting something for your disappointment?
Do the rest of the dining public a favor and eat at home.

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

for sure when you fly you like to be on first class, but you can't afford it, then you don't diserve it.

At 1:03 PM, Blogger Queen of Vegas said...

My My.....
A tidal wave set off by a cyclone in a water glass......
This emotional rendition got Panevino quite the publicity. What a magnificent marketing move!

Best from The Kingdom
Sylvia Hill
The Queen of Las Vegas

At 11:12 AM, Blogger gadabouttown said...

Who would go to a restaurant like this for a SANDWICH? This "budget-minded" (read, "cheapskate") jerk was obviously out of his element and over his head. Go to Subway next time, if you can afford it.

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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