Sushi King, in the Stardust

Sushi King, in the Stardust Hotel and Casino
3000 Las Vegas BlVd.
Las Vegas, NeVada 89109

Sushi King is located in the Stardust Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The Stardust oVerall is not glamorous -- think utility instead of oVer-the-top gaudy.

But the sushi quality is surprisingly high for a restaurant in the 2.5-star Stardust. They claim that fresh fish is flown in daily. EVen in New York, fish serVed on Monday night came in on Friday morning. So daily is hard to belieVe, but it IS quite fresh.

Dinner and a la carte prices (two pieces of Hamachi for $5.50) are relatiVely expensiVe -- you can get it as good elsewhere for cheaper.

HoweVer, at lunch, they haVe a bento box special for $8. I'Ve gotten the Unagi each time -- the portion of BBQ eel they giVe on top of a pile of rice is Very generous. But then you also get aboVe-aVerage miso soup, a typical salad and a Cali roll.

I'Ve been stuffed each time I'Ve left the place -- and so haVe people who can eat a lot more than I can. But usually quantity means a lack of quality. Not with this Value-packed lunch special.

Final Comment: A tried-and-true lunch hot-spot.

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