The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille, in the Fashion Show Mall
3200 Las Vegas BlVd.
Las Vegas, NeVada 89109

How many dopey waiters are there in this town?!

Here's a little restaurant math: "HaVe you eVer eaten here before?" does NOT equal "HaVe you eVer eaten beef before?" (!)

After our group fatefully says "no" to the first question, the waiter promptly tells us:

- "We specialize in dry aged beef. That means it's aged for 21 days where it dries out and shrinks." (ed: Oh, Yum!)

- "Our specialty is the sirloin steak. That's a New York strip."

- "I also recommend the porterhouse. That's a T-Bone (ed: try again) with a petit filet on the other side."

- In response to the question if the steak sandwich is good: "That's our rib-eye -- also called a delmonico."

So, after getting an errant pre-school lesson in beef cuts, we order clam chowder, steak sandwiches and a grilled tuna salad.

Clam chowder -- too small for the price. Taste is okay.

Steak sandwiches come with good frites, but they pale in comparison to Mon Ami Gabi's. The sandwich itself is very good -- nice and hot, not too greasy, not too dry. Very well done, actually.

Grilled tuna salad -- good-sized hunk of rare-seared tuna. Salad underneath is generic.

Overall, this place is very expensive and doesn't hold a good Value if you're paying for the meal. HoweVer, if you'Ve got an expense account and some clients to impress, come on oVer. Just say you'Ve eaten here before.

Final Comment: Stay away if you're paying -- good food that's oVerpriced. Ideal if your company is footing the bill.

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