Francesco's, in Treasure Island

Francesco's, in Treasure Island - TI Hotel and Casino
3300 Las Vegas BlVd.
Las Vegas, NeVada 89109

After not really finding any restaurants in the Mirage to our liking on that particular day, we took the FREE shuttle train over to Treasure Island - TI specifically to check out Francesco's.

Many upscale casino restaurants don't have a direct View of the casino. Either it's down a hallway, or there are side windows and a wall between the restaurant and casino, etc. This one looked smack dab into a row of one-armed bandits. Not so upscale to me.

As this is an Italian restaurant, the wine list leaned heavily on Vino from The Boot. 'Twas quite an impressive list, but the price range was a bit higher than elsewhere along The Strip.

The homemade gnocchi was quite delicious, although a bit expensive for the portion size. They weren't heavy, and the sauce wasn't overpowering.

The homemade pasta with basil sauce was also delicious but pricey. I usually try to aVoid ordering something I can rather easily make at home. But it was worth it in this instance -- the tomatoes were of a much-higher quality, and the sauce well-seasoned with basil.

Final Comment: Perfectly executed Italian cuisine, but I wouldn't go running back at every opportunity because of the pricing.

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