I LoVe Sushi!

I LoVe Sushi!, on Eastern AVenue
11041 S Eastern AVenue
Henderson, NeVada

Pull up to the restaurant on a Friday night and there's a line out the door. Good sign No. 1.

Step inside and there's a 30-minute wait, but we get in after about 10 minutes.

I LoVe Sushi!

Walk by the sushi bar -- it's a self-contained rectangular box in the center of the restaurant. On the top of the counter are eight mugs filled with beer. Balancing on each rim is a shot glass with sake. Standing on the customer's side of the bar are 8 outstretched hands. Sushi chef/alcohol maestro extraordinaire touches one of the shot glasses and all fall perfectly into the mugs like dominoes.

I LoVe Sushi! ... err... Sake Bombs! Just can't get it out of my head.

So we're led through a crowded restaurant into a dark seating area with a giant wooden table and chairs (not booths). This area is now dubbed "Humble Pie" (as in "30 DAYS IN THE HOOOOOOOOOOLE").

Lean back and ... WHAM ... give the guy on the other side of the wall a little wake-up shot. Sorry 'bout dat.

No beers on tap. Booooooo. Order some Kirin Ichiban and Asahi Super Dry in super-sized bottles. Looking better.

First, the edamame arriVes. Tastes like something I microwaVed 20 minutes ago and didn't salt. Now I know why this place isn't called "I LoVe Soy Beans!"

Once we have a second to peruse the menu, we find out what the owner's favorite pastime is. Here are some of the names of their rolls:

- Who's Your Daddy (Roll No. 57)
- Who's Your Mama (Roll No. 58)
- Who's Your Pimp (Roll No. 59)
- Who's Your X-Wife (Roll No. 60)
- John Holmes' Roll (Roll No. 68)
- Lisa Hand Roll (Roll No. 69, of course)
- Screaming Orgasm (Roll No. 16)
- Taste Like My X-Girl Friend (Roll No. 45)
- I Love My Ass (Roll No. 56)

I LoVe Sushi! Whooooooooooooooo!

Yes, really. You just can't make this stuff up.

The first main order was indiVidual pieces of sushi. The hamachi were some of the most buttery pieces I'Ve eaten this side of Nobu. The sake was even better. Unfortunately, they didn't haVe sake toro.

Then, we chowed on some cherry blossoms. These rolls were filled with soft shell crab, masago, scallion, wrapped with aVocado and topped with eel sauce. After the drinks, sushi and this decadent course, we were feeling a little flushed.

Thus, still up for more, we opted for something a little more boring -- need a little cooling off time before diVing back in. A tuna roll fits the bill. They appeared to be nicely-sized pieces, but the pieces were a little lacking on the underside.

Then, to make sure our experience finished happily, we tried the Lisa Hand Roll. It was spicy tuna, spicy crab, aVocado and tempura shrimp wrapped in soy bean paper. I'd loVe to meet this Lisa and tell her what I think of her roll.

Final Comment: Great food (except the edamame), wacky atmosphere, just don't bring your arch-conserVative/right-wing/uptight uncle with you. If you do, just take care of the ordering. OK?

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