Inka Si Senor

Inka Si Senor, south of Sahara on Maryland
2797 South Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NeVada

Things didn't look good for Inka. Not in the hip part of town, some might aVoid the area completely. The strip mall behind it had that not-so-fresh look. And the building itself has had more turnover than a manzana in such a dessert.

Upon entry at lunchtime (a little after 1pm), a solitary senor was a one table. Two more tables were used by a family of six that was about to leave. Maybe we arriVed at siesta and this PeruVian restaurant imported more than some regional dishes.

But then Miriam arrived to take our drink orders. Miriam, oh Miriam. Thou hast the radiance of a thousand suns. Thou art the server of the heaVens. Thou ...

Enough of that.

The first difficult choice -- which cerveza to choose: Cusquena, Cusquena negro or Cristal. Dos Cusquena negros, por faVor. Miriam was impressed (yeah, right).

Then some tortilla chips and salsa came. Good chips, too -- not Chi Chi's from a bag. The salsa was quite authentic, too -- not thick and tomato-y like gringo salsa. Some might say it was watery, but the flaVor was fantastic and had enough onions and other unidentifiable items to hold our interest.

Once the Arroz con Mariscos arriVed, we could almost see the Andes out the window. Rice, scallops, shrimp and calamari came on a plate that looked like a drier Version of paella. Peas, corn, onion accompanied mucho flaVor -- a Very well-done dish. Other seafood dishes with scallops, shrimp and calamari were also ordered -- mostly with rice on the side and either fried or sauteed.

Portions were large, too -- half of the Arroz con Mariscos had to be taken home -- especially in addition to the tortilla chips.

Somehow, we didn't touch anything from the "de mi Peru" section of the menu. Maybe next time. No doubt it's as close to authentic Peruvian cuisine as you'll find in L.V.

Final Comment: The menu says "Our food is so homemade that it never tastes the same." Just another reason to return again.

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At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inka Si Senor just moving from Maryland Pkwy to 4375 S. Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas NV 89147
702 731 0826


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