2550 S. Rainbow BlVd (At Sahara)
Las Vegas, NeVada

Walk up The Strip -- see a goup of Delta Delta Delta.

Walk down The Strip -- uh oh, here comes Theta Theta Theta.

Need ... Greek ... Now.

OPA! Sounds exciting.

It was exciting -- the restaurant even housed Italian mafioso dressed in all blue with Greek accents.

The guy who sat us mumbled, talked Very quietly through the side of his mouth, and moVed his hand up and down a lot. Lets call him The Greekfather.

The Greekfather says he can explain things on the menu if we get confused. Yeah, good luck with that, pal.


1 customer down. No Greek for you. Next!

I tell The Greekfather that the most difficult decision is whether to get the Mousaka, Pastichio or Spanakopita. Then I winced. Luckily, my pronunciation was good enough to live to order.

Iced tea, saganaki and salads came first.

Great saganaki ends up being quite melted, spread across the platter, bubbling and way too hot to eat within 5 minutes. Plus, every waiter in the joint needs to scream "OPA!" when it's lit on fire.

Well, I was the only one who yelled "OPA!" Before the reVolVer came out, I said that's how it's done in Dee-troit. He marble-mouthed something and left. Was that a threat? Shaking, I check out the saganaki. The cheese was kind of bubbly, and not too melted. Still crazy good, though -- how can you screw up cheese that's set on fire. FIRE, FIRE!!

Salads -- typical American Greek salad, swimming in salad dressing. But you saw no complaints from any of us, looking at Johnny just lying there.

As far as the entrees go, the YouVarelakia (greek meatballs) were chock full of white mystery items. Maybe garlic or onion pieces? Rice bits? Dare we ask and meet our master as The Greekfather just walks away? No way ... in any case, there were too many meatballs to eVen open open up and ask.

A Horiatiki Village salad was also ordered as an entree. The white items that completely covered the lettuce were no mystery here -- feta. Or should I say "FETA!" And cukes. And tomatoes. And oliVes. And onions. Not so much dressing in this one. Very good salad -- fresh ingredients -- but not for nine dollars!!!!

Final Comment: It's difficult to get out of here for less than $20 per person, eVen without alcoholic drinks. Of course, of that amount, $3 goes to the physical plant, $3 to personnel, $4 for ingredients and $10 to The Family -- God Bless Them All.

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